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A unique approach to getting you out of pain, for good.


Myofascial Bodywork (ATSI)

Myofascial Bodywork is a form of bodywork that focuses on identifying movement or postural patterns that may be the root cause of pain or ongoing tension.


Rather than focusing on the painful area, such as a painful back, shoulder, or neck, myofascial bodywork aims to open the areas of the body that are causing that pain (and it usually isn't the painful area).


Most often than not people with shoulder, back, or neck pain have other areas of the body that are holding tension. Your whole body is connected through what's known as FASCIA, it is important that we look at how your whole body and fascia functions.


During a session clients are assessed in their standing posture but also more importantly in their moving posture (walking). They get on and off the table during the treatment and the treatment is usually fairly interactive.

Sophia has studied extensively with Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers and continues to commit to learning how best to treat the body.


What My Clients Say About Me

Sophia is professional, knowledgeable, sensitive & manages to know what needs release. I feel so much better since her treatments. I highly recommend her.

Vicky B

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