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What is Muscle Sense all about?

MUSCLE SENSE - noun: Psychology, Physiology.

  1. a sense of movement derived from afferent nerves originating in tendons, muscle tissue, skin, and joints; proprioception.

At Muscle Sense, we are dedicated to empowering people on their journey to whole-body wellness. Through advanced Structural Integration techniques and a holistic approach, we unlock the body's innate intelligence, enabling our clients to achieve lasting alignment and balance. Our mission is to liberate bodies from pain, liberate minds from limiting patterns, and inspire authentic, vibrant lives.

The Muscle Sense team consists of Sophia Breust (founder) & Jack Keen.

Read more about them below. 

Sophia Breust

Structural Integration Practitioner (ATSI) 
Remedial Massage Therapist 
Registered Nurse

After going through some relational trauma in 2014, Sophia was diagnosed with PTSD. Experiencing symptoms from extreme anxiety, recurring nightmares, and shakes to lethargy, Sophia explored talk therapy to help resolve what she thought was a problem in her mind. Over 2 years, she showed up religiously to her psychology sessions, but she felt she wasn't getting anywhere.

After years of looking for answers and feeling totally helpless, Sophia found Structural Integration & Myofascial Bodywork (MFB) and realized how disconnected she was from her physical body.

This was the missing link for her; the problem wasn't just in her mind, it was in her body! Trauma is stored in the body, and if we become disconnected from the sensations that are going on in our physical body, our mind won't get a chance to be at ease.

After many years of healing, processing, feeling, and deeply connecting to her body, Sophia now helps many people make sense of their physical pain and what may be going on for them emotionally. She calls this Emotional Anatomy.


While a free and open fascial system creates a more balanced emotional state, Sophia has seen the impact of MFB on excellent recovery, lymph & blood flow, and injury prevention. MFB, according to Sophia and many of her clients, is truly life-changing!


At Muscle Sense we educate our clients on a range of movements and postural cues to create the most optimal environment for their body. However, we also understand that posture and movement are highly unique for everyone, so we are constantly looking for a better way to help each individual client move and feel their best ☀️


This was all brought about through my own journey with my body when I was having particular niggles and pains after a few years of weightlifting.


I tried massage, physio, and chiropractic for a number of those years but it wasn’t until I came across Structural Integration (SI) that I started to feel better within my body. It was through SI that I began to feel more fluid in everyday life, I was holding myself upright with ease and after time my niggles completely subsided. Not only did the hands-on work make me FEEL good, but I was also given the education on HOW to hold myself so I could be conscious of the patterns that were not beneficial to me. And, the good news was, I was no longer reliant on treatment!


This is the foundation of Muscle Sense and all our practitioners strive to help - we use hands-on techniques along with thorough assessment and education so you can enjoy long-term change. 

Jack Keen

Structural Integration Practitioner (ATSI) 
Movement Specialist (PT)  

 Jack joined the Muscle Sense team in May 2023 with his 12 years of experience in the movement space, Jack has a keen eye for detail. Jack was inspired to look for a practice that contributed to his vision of long term health. Structural Integration was the perfect fit for Jack to start to empower, not only himself, but his clients to become more body-aware and pain free in their body.

Jack has been in the health industry for over 12 years, 10 of which have been with the quality award winning team at Life Personal Trainers. Jack specializes in sports performance, strength, rehabilitation and now focuses more on his passion for mobility and movement patterns that enhance joint health. This means keeping you moving well for longer!

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We are always trying to find a better way at Muscle Sense. Jack and Sophia really care about the health of each individual that step through the doors. Whether you're after better recovery, better health, to resolve pain from an injury or just a chronic niggle that won't o away - we will find the root cause of your pain. 


Treatment doesn't just start and finish during a session. We really want you to understand your body and some of reasons why you got the pain, stiffness or injury in the first place.

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