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Want to understand your clients better? Want better outcomes? 

Emotions in the Body for Business Owners

Understand the silent language of the body

Learning to read your client's body language & postural cues is a game changer


75% of treatment success relies on whether your clients connect with you or not. 




This means that you don't need more hands-on skills to improve your treatment outcomes, you just need to learn how to read your clients better for a deeper connection. 


Have you ever been to a treatment or had a conversation with a friend and thought to yourself "they just get me"! This is true connection. Most of the time, the people that can do this are the people that are in-tune with your bodily cues. 


To be truly seen and understood by a practitioner is the greatest gift we can give our clients.


Do you want to be able to give this to your clients? 

Welcome to Emotions in the Body for Business Owners!


Emotions in the Body Cohort:

In this 2 hour workshop, join Sophia, an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist, Structural Integrator and Emotional Healing Expert as she dives deep into the intricate relationship between emotions and the body. Learn how to read the body cues of your clients to be able to ask better questions for a deeper understanding of who they are. 

What does the upper body tell us?


Your clients will often show how they're feeling with how they hold their arms, neck and shoulders. Learning to read this can help you get in tune with your clients before they even have to tell you. This fosters an even deeper connection with your clients, setting you apart from other practitioners!


Healing the physical pain in our body begins with understanding our emotional state, the better we understand ourselves, the better we will understand our clients. This informative session will allow you to understand your emotional body more so you can begin to connect more deeply with yourself AND connect more deeply with your clients for better outcomes!

What's Included 

The live cohort aims to give you the education & tools needed to physically read imbalances in the body and what this may indicate emotionally. Throughout the cohort, Sophia will dive into ways to connect to your body to understand your emotions and therefore the emotions of your clients.


Throughout the session we will be covering: 

  1. Body Reading: Learn to read and respond to your clients' posture and non-verbal cues, leading to more effective and empathetic interactions.

  2. Emotional Anatomy of the Upper Body: Learn what areas of the upper body may hold certain emotions and refine your skills in reading your client’s body.

  3. Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your ability to perceive and interpret emotional cues in yourself and others, a key skill for successful leadership.

  4. Ways to Boost Business Performance: Apply your new skills to create a more responsive and attuned business environment, setting you apart from other practitioners, leading to better client outcomes and business growth.

Come connect with like-minded business owners from all walks of life and explore the silent language of the body. Together, we can improve the standard of health-care and help people feel more understood for deep healing. 

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Meet Sophia


Sophia, is not just a health professional but extremely passionate about people. Drawing from her background as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Structural Integrator, and former Registered Nurse, Sophia understands the intricate interplay between emotions and the body. 


Sophia's own journey through burnout, empathy fatigue, and healing from trauma has led her to discover the transformative power of somatic connection. Now, she's on a mission to help other practitioners learn what she knows to you unlock their own emotional blueprint, liberate their body, and ignite their passion for business. 

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