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Massage, SI & Your Lymph

Lymph.....It’s a colorless liquid that is the sewage system of your body. It’s primary job is to get rid of cellular waste helping the body heal.

If you have chronic, ongoing pain,

you have a lymph issue…

One thing that Lorena and I have in common is we share the passion of helping our clients restore the body back to balance so it can heal itself. We look closely at, and help, the lymphatic system as it is our “sewage system” getting rid of cellular waste. If we get ‘kinks’ in lymphatic sewage pipeline – this waste builds up causing inflammation and pain.

Better lymph flow = better chance of your body healing itself

So, we can do this in different ways. I can help you with Structural Integration (SI) and Lorena with Remedial Massage, including lymphatic drainage. Structural Integration aids with aligning your fascial tissues that wraps pretty much everywhere including nerves, blood vessles, muscles, organs, fat cells and particularly the lymphatic system.

As some of you have experienced SI makes you feel “lighter”, “taller”, “softer” and sometimes it can make you feel completely exhausted. This is sometimes your sewage system flowing as it should, eliminating cellular waste that you’ve been holding onto for a long while. But the most important thing SI does, is it gets you breathing more deeply into your diaphragm!

Once we are aligned and breathing deeply – we may feel great, but there’s one other thing…in order for the lymph to flow and prevent more of these ‘kinks’ it needs movement! It’s like a pump, and without pressure it doesn’t work as effectively as it should.

Here, adding in Lymphatic Massage from Lorena allows for more movement of your lymphatics helping you stay aligned, balanced and restored.

I was in pain for a number of years and whilst SI helped me immensely, I still needed that de-stress time and flow that Lorena’s massages provided me with. Combination of both SI & Remedial Massage is a match made in heaven.

It’s not ALL just about preventing that potential hip replacement in the future – it’s about you feeling your absolute BEST in the present moment. I hope we can help get you closer to this feeling.

Have any questions? Get in contact with us!

Sophia x


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