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Structural Integration 12-Series

Our therapist Sophia has completed her 31-Day intense training and is now a FULLY qualified Structural Integration Practitioner!

Natalie & Sophia at Anatomy Trains Headquarters in Fremantle, WA.

Natalie & Sophia are the FIRST Structural Integration Practitioners in South Australia!

So what does this mean?

Sophia will now be offering what is known as the Structural Integration 12-Series.


Structural Integration (SI) is a type of bodywork that aims to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than treatment of a particular symptom. SI was developed in the mid to late 20th century by the late Ida Rolf. Ida's ideology was driven by the, belief that due to gravity's unrelenting force, the human structures (aka fascia) must adapt accordingly throughout the lifecycle. Through Anatomy Trains, Thomas Myers has developed this ideology and created a 12-session protocol (known as a 12 series) of deep, slow fascial & myofascial manipulation.

What is a 12 SERIES?

The 12 Series involves 12 treatments up to 90 minutes involving deep, slow fascial manipulation with movement re-education. Our lifestyle choices from what we eat to how we do or don't move, determines our postural habits. Sit down all day? Your tissues of your fascial system will adapt to a seated position. Spend most of your day standing? You'll adapt to a lengthened standing position.

How can SI help you?

Sometimes we can get stuck in our regular postural positions. When we try something new, in a different position, the body is unable to cope and injuries may occur including pain, muscle tears and/or herniated discs. At times these little injuries can lead to chronic pain and become normalized with the explanation I'm just getting old. Our lifestyle, posture, emotions and character as an individual, shape our posture and some postures don't serve us well.

The SI 12-Series aims to balance the body from the ground up starting with Session 1 that allows lift through the Superficial Front Line. The 2nd and 3rd Sessions balance the Superficial Back Line and the Lateral Lines. Session 4 enters into the lower Deep Front Line. Session 6-8 balance the breath all the way to the neck. From there we continue on to balance the other fascial lines around the breath and the Deep Front Line. The whole entirety of the fascial system is the balanced with session 9, 10 and 12 have a strong integration focus where we integrate the bodywork from previous sessions. SI is refined, intentional touch that may assist the body to move more freely and adapt to different positions.

The 12-Series is an exploration of movement and exploration of self. I want you to experience your body differently and by feeling a sense of openness you may have not felt in a long time!


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