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The Power of Truth: How being honest brought me physical healing

Have you ever considered your ability to be honest & speak truth has a big impact on your physical health? Let me share....During COVID, I was running my business with a few employees and was just about to take on more, when everything came to a screeching halt.I had skin conditions, back pain, neck and thoracic pain – it was like I was literally living through it. Tiredness was all over me, and it felt like I was living to work. I had forgotten my values on health.

I had lost my way. 

So caught up in the other people's idea of success, like my friends would say "looks like you're killing it, mate!" and inside, I knew this business was actually the one killing me. I couldn't hide from the physical symptoms, I couldn't push through any further and if I were to be truthful in teaching my clients to be honest with themselves, do what lights them up, and do things in alignment with who they were and here I was, not living that way...I felt like a total fraud. 

I finally came to terms with the fact that I didn't want to choose this path in business. I had to get really honest with myself, the way I was running my business was NOT success to me. I was running on the treadmill and did not want to run anymore! 

So, I set up a chat with my mentor, and basically broke down in front of him, explaining how I couldn't do it anymore: the employment and all the extra responsibilities, I just wanted to scale back to just me. The moment I spoke these words, a melting relaxation of the entire body came over me. I was honest; I spoke the truth that I have been in denial of for months. It felt warm and opening. It wasn't easy, but it just felt right.

Truth & honesty doesn't come easy, but when spoken it will bring ease to your body. From there, it was as if my body lightened and I felt my body was on its way to healing. I had to break down to heal, and yet had to speak truth to relax. 

Honesty and speaking the truth are sometimes all we need. If we deny it for days, weeks, months, or even years, this buildup can get heavy and so frightening to change. Speak your truth, speak it often, the build up of tension will catch up at some point. But instead of waiting to break down to get a breakthrough, what about consistent honesty to who you are and the direction you want for your life that might be a softer way of getting to where you want to go?


Truth or honesty, when spoken, will be hard if you're not used to speaking it or if speaking it means you might need to let go of everything you have. There will be a tension for your body first, but when you finally speak the truth, there will be a big wash over of relaxation in your body. Notice when you speak how your body relaxes because that's truth for you. 


"Where in my life am I living by other peoples version of success?"

"What do I really want for my life and where am I not being honest about it?" 

"If my truth could speak right now, it would say...(fill in blank)"

"What experiences have you had with your truth? I'd love to know."


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